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Virgin Media - Commercial 

Fifi Hart

San Miguel - Commercial

Matthew Curnier 

Argos Christmas 2014 -Commercial 

Amelie Hurley 

Not on the high street - Commercial 

Scarlett Swaine

The Greedy sheep game - Commercial

Libby Braidwood

Valentine's Kiss - Trailer 

Harry Wood

William - Trailer  

Lorenzo Allchurch  

NSPCC - Commercial

Stanley Warbrick

Bugsy Malone

Jenson Steele

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Jenson Steele

Made of Paper 

Cleo Demetriou

Debenhams - Commercial

Amelia Potten 

Believe in Change

Freddie Ward

Edeka - Commercial

Joseph Harmon

Christmas Kaufland -Commercial

Joseph Harmon 

Green Party - Commercial

Stanley Warbrick

JC Penny's - Commercial

Amelie Hurley

Freeview - Commercial

Litiana & Lilibet

Compare The Market - Commercial

Tilly Knights

Dettol - Commercial

Beatrix Brian

Miracle Gro - Commercial

Amelia Stanger

BBC Weather - Commercial

Debbie Scamp

Nuon Vattenfall - Commercial

Hannah Templeton-Cox

NERF GUN- Commercial 

Rhiann Connor

Strictly Come Dancing - Trailer 

Martha Mae Humphries 

The Current War - Feature Film

Sophia Ally

CBBC - Commercial

Pip Simpson

The Lost Lullaby - Trailer

Amber Titchener

Cadbury's Egg and Spoon - Commercial 

Amelie Hurley

Giff Gaff - Commercial 

Poppy Allen-Quarmby

So Awkward - Meet Lily 

Cleo Demetriou

Lizard Girl 

Molly Harmon 

Olivier Awards - Matilda 

Cleo Demetriou

PEPSI- Commercial

Kyran Mitchell-Nanton

Kayak - Commercial

Amelia Potten 

Milka - Commercial

Libby Braidwood

Christmas Vodafone - Commercial

Malachy Knights

Sky Kids - Commerical

Hattie & Tilly Knights

Orange Christmas - Commercial

Toby Oliver

Walmart - Commercial

India Hurley

Red Cross - Commercial

Edward Molony

Andrex - Commercial

Swaine Family

Andrex - Commercial

Swaine Family

Cornetto - Commercial

Robert Cheung

Doncaster Sheffield Airport- Commercial

Litiana and Lilibet Biutanaseva

Smart Energy - Commercial

Beatrix Brian

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